SIA ""Transport Partners"" performs video surveillance in the company 's vehicles for property protection purposes, such as:
- prevention of damage and theft of the company's transport units;
- prevention of damage and theft of goods and cargo;
- road traffic accident analysis and prevention;
- protection of the company's drivers' rights, etc. cases.
Accidental persons and objects approaching in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle or in the vehicle interior, or in the movement area of the vehicle both in front and at the rear, may also enter the video surveillance area. Personal data is not identified, processed or distributed. Videos are taken online and remain in the company's archive for up to 30 days, after which they are automatically deleted. Records, which recorded violations against the company's property or drivers rights, alone can be stored longer.
Complaints submission and handling
If you have reasonable doubts about a possible violation of your personal data protection rules, please submit your complaints by filling out the contact form below, indicating the date, place, time, car number, in the video surveillance area of which the possible violation has occurred, and which personal data protection norm has been violated. You can also use other forms of communication that are convenient for you: company phone, e-mail, communication by mail or in person. We will respond to your reasoned complaint within 30 days.
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